Here are the frequently asked questions about ISEA2020


1 - How much are the passes?

FULL PASS: CAD $99 – Early-bird (until September 1st, 2020) / CAD $129 – Late-bird (from September 2 to 30, 2020) and CAD $149 – Regular (from October 1 to 16, 2020).

Student rate: CAD $69 – Early-bird (until September 1st, 2020) + CAD $85 – Late-bird (from September 2 to 30, 2020) and CAD $99 – Regular (from October 1 to 16, 2020).

Purchase your ISEA2020 Online FULL Pass here

*Passes give access to MTL connect. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

2 - Are the passes refundable or exchangeable?

Only passes purchased before June 10, 2020 can be refunded or exchanged. Please refer to the new policy below, on FAQ3.

3 - I bought a FULL PASS for ISEA2020 before June 10, 2020. What are my options?

If you purchased your pass before June 10, the deadline for price adjustment or refund for ISEA2020 was July 27th, 2020. The form is therefore no longer available.

4 - Is there financial support for registration or preferential rates?

ISEA2020 does not offer financial aid for registration. The new registration fees announced on June 10, 2020, for the 100% online format of the symposium have been considerably reduced. Unaffiliated or independent artists* are eligible for reduced registration with a promotional code. Please contact [email protected] and ask for the promotional code.* Unaffiliated artists are those with no permanent ties with academic or cultural institutions or with commercial galleries.


1 - When is ISEA2020?

The 26th International Symposium on Electronic Art, originally scheduled for May 19 to 24, 2020, has been postponed from October 13 to 18, 2020.

2 - Where will ISEA2020 take place?

Initially scheduled to take place in several locations in Montreal, the 26th International Symposium on Electronic Art turns to a 100% online format, to offer a reimagined and virtually connected experience. (Read the official press release here). Digital tools will be deployed to facilitate networking, meetings, and exchanges between participants.

3 - What are ISEA2020's themes?

ISEA2020’s themes are: Why Sentience?; Animality; the Ecosophic World; Machinic Sense and Sensibility; Sentient Difference; Matter’s Mattering; the Politics of Sentience; and the Planetary.

4 - When will the programme and schedule of presentations be announced?

The complete programme and schedule of presentations will be announced on the ISEA2020 website, on August 24, 2020.

5 - May I attend a workshop without purchasing a FULL PASS?

No, a FULL PASS is required to register for a workshop. You can purchase it on the Registration page. 

Speakers and Presenters at ISEA2020

1 - How do I present at ISEA2020 online?

To present at ISEA2020 online – whether you are presenting a paper, a panel, an artist talk, or an institutional presentation, you must record an HD video of your presentation and send it to us before August 17, 2020. To do so, please follow this document.

Your video presentation will be streamed at the scheduled day and time. Following the streaming of the presentations, your are expected to be online for the live Q&A sessions with the other panelists and the public. 

2 - How do I present my accepted poster at ISEA2020 Online?

Accepted poster presenters will login to a “virtual space” on the ISEA2020 Online platform, where they will upload media about their research.


This virtual space will only be accessible to registered presenters 2 weeks before October 13th, but presenters will be invited to an onboarding session beforehand (a virtual guided tour, at the end of August, date tbd).


The virtual space will be available for the entire duration of the academic symposium (October 13 to 16). Visitors will be able to access this virtual space, communicate with authors and request meetings to discuss their work during this time.

Authors may begin preparing the media for their space. 

– AN IMAGE as a header to the virtual space: Image size 1200x675px (16:9 format) not exceeding 1Mo.
– A SHORT VIDEO (3 min max), which must be imported first onto a private channel on Youtube or Vimeo, to then use the url to integrate it into the platform.
– A SHORT TEXT DESCRIPTION of 400-500 characters.
– A PDF document. ATTENTION: this can be a pdf of the poster. DO NOT publish the camera-ready paper in the virtual space. 
– Authors will also be able to add links to their website or social media.

3 - What is the new deadline to confirm my presentation at ISEA2020?

The deadline to confirm your presentation at ISEA2020 from October 13 to 18 is July 27th, 2020. By this deadline presenters must :

4 - Who do I contact to request an official acceptance letter for the conference?

For academic papers, panels, institutional and artist presentations, contact: [email protected] 

For artistic projects, contact: [email protected] 

For workshops, contact: [email protected]

5 - Do I have to fill in the Zone Festival information form? What is it for?

This form must only be filled by presenter that are accepted and registered. For panel accepted submissions, each member of the panel must fill their own form.

This form is used by organizers to prepare the program and communicate about your presence and presentation at ISEA2020.

Please note, if you are a presenter but do not complete the form, we will use the abstract in your initial submission from EasyChair for the website and the program. Your picture and images of your project will be replaced by the ISEA2020 logo. Unfortunately, we will not be able to submit this information to your review and approval before it is published. Thank you for your understanding.

6 - What is the camera-ready paper and how do I prepare it ?

The camera-ready paper is the revised accepted paper, ready to be published in the ISEA proceedings book. The camera-ready paper must be de-anonymized and formatted according to the ISEA template, including author bios, notes ; Authors are invited to revise the paper according to the comments (if any) provided by reviewers. 

The camera-ready paper will replace the initial anonymous paper submitted at the time of the call via EasyChair. The author (main contact author for panels of co-authored proposals) must access EasyChair using the login and password created at the time of the call to access the system. 

7 - Where do I upload my camera-ready paper?

Your camera-ready paper must be uploaded on your Easychair login space: https://easychair.org/account/signin. The new document will replace the previous, anonymized submission. The procedure is explained on this platform.

8 - May I publish my paper online or elsewhere before the conference?

No. As specified in the copyright form signed by the authors at the time of submission, papers submitted to ISEA must not have been previously presented or published elsewhere. Papers accepted for presentation at the symposium and for publication in ISEA conference proceedings must be original. Following the symposium and the official publication of the paper in the ISEA conference proceedings, any paper (in whole or in part) reproduced or disseminated elsewhere must cite its first published version by referencing the conference proceedings. 


9 - Are artists and speakers paid at ISEA2020?

No. Artists and speakers cover travel expenses, registration fees and all other expenses. ISEA2020 will provide equipment and technical support to install/produce the artworks and performances selected from the call, but all other expenses are paid by the artists. 

Submitting to ISEA2020

Submissions closed on December 16th, 2019.

1- In the case of Artistic Works, what is the “Thematic Statement”?

The section “Thematic Statement” is meant to address the ISEA themes and sub-themes and explain the connection between the work and these themes in detail. This section also should address how audiences engage with the work.

2 - I’m encountering problems submitting my proposal on EasyChair

Due to the large amount of applications we receive, ISEA2020 team cannot help authors to solve problems with EasyChair. We strongly encourage authors to visit this link.

3 - Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, you can submit more than one proposal for all kinds of categories (e.g. artistic works, academic papers, workshops, etc.).

4 - In the case of short and full papers, is it necessary to submit the completed paper or only the abstract?

Yes, you have to submit full papers. In addition, you have to submit an abstract. Please use submission template (download template).

5 - Can I update my submission after I submit it?

Authors can update their submissions before the deadline. Once the deadline closes, however, authors cannot make any changes to their submission.

6 - Will the full papers be published?

Yes, the selected papers will be published in the proceeding with an ISBN. The proceedings become part of the ISEA Symposium Archives.

7 - Why do I need to remove my name from my paper proposal?

ISEA operates with a double-blind peer-reviewed policy; authors of academic submissions are requested to remove their names and institutions ahead of submission for review and to add back their names for camera-ready version. Any other features that might identify the authors must be removed ahead of submission.

8 - Do I need to sign the copyright form?

Yes. All authors have to sign the copyright form.

9 - How do I upload the copyright form?

You can only submit A SINGLE PDF FILE, so please include your signed copyright form in your PDF document.