First part of the online exhibition ??|??????

Tomorrow from 5pm, The Archiver le Présent Collective, in partnership with the Canada Research Chaire de recherche ALN et Labo NT2 and the Faculté des arts de l’UQAM, are proud to launch the first part of the online exhibition Re|Search. The full exhibition will be presented at ISEA 2020 Online – International Symposium on Electronic Art! Don’t miss it! Purchase your ISEA2020 Online pass ➡️


The online exhibition Re|Search aims to capture our prevailing impulse to search in the digital age.

The Internet and its search engines form an economy where attention has become a currency and query establishes itself as the central means of exploring the world. Googling, scrolling, collecting, and sharing are now part of our daily routine. What are the effects of these activities on our personal and collective imaginations?

Re|Search focuses on how artistic, literary, and cultural practices reflect on and interfere with this technological pervasiveness. How do these practices allow us to think about widespread data management, online research methods, and tools? What types of alternative actions and stories do they offer? By what means do they occupy the very place of these concerns: the Web?

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