Montreal, October 28, 2019

(UPDATE: ISEA2020 from October 13 to 18, 2020 goes entirely digital, with an innovative experiential format. The new deadline for Early Bird registration is August 13. The deadline to register for presenters, to upload the camera-ready papers, and to fill in the Zone Festival form is July 27 at 11:59 pm (GMT-5).

Montreal Digital Spring (Printemps numérique) is excited to be hosting ISEA2020 / MTL connect to be held from May 19 to 24, 2020 (Update: October 13 to 18, 2020) in Montreal, Canada.

ISEA2020 turns towards the theme of Sentience. Sentience describes the ability to feel or perceive. To be sentient is thus to be “capable of feeling,” from the Latin sentientem (nominative sentiens) while “feeling,” the present participle of sentire “to feel,” refers to “being conscious” of something. To feel or perceive something at first seems to suggest that sentience is a uniquely human trait. Yet, sentience implies sensing the world and acting on it across all entities—animal, plant, mineral, environment or machine—rather than cutting things into binaries: human/non-human, animate/inanimate, alive/dead, human/machine, nature/technology. We ask: why sentience? Why and how does sentience matter? 


ISEA2020 invites artists, designers, scholars, researchers, innovators and creators to participate in the various activities deployed from May 19 to 24, 2020 (Update: October 13 to 18, 2020).

To complete an application, please fill in the forms and follow the instructions. The final submissions deadline is NOVEMBER 25, 2019.


Note: you can apply for several categories. All profiles are welcome. Notifications of acceptance will be sent around January 13, 2020.